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Love is a rock

Love is an answer to everything. When you are touched, whether in animosity or endearment, you can answer with love. Love is a small simple rock that stops an entire river in its tracks. It will work everywhere, every time. … Continue reading

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Scars and scabs and scars

Time does not heal old wounds. Time only reopens them. You are left with scars, scabs, scars that turn to scabs that turn to scars that turn to scabs. You are nothing but a scab and scar and time is … Continue reading

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Back home

Back in the place that once home was Is a momentous occasion for anything but, For the home that once was Is erased from memory and replaced in time With anything but.

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The Medium Signifies Nothing

[see title]

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I Need To Float, an undelivered speech

The following is a speech I wrote for an event that was not able to provide a piano. I chose not to deliver the speech after learning that the presenter wanted something more theatrical, and that political statements were discouraged … Continue reading

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How Art and Economy Intersect (notes for an essay)

This short entry comes from overflow notes from an essay I wrote for FOCI Arts in November. I am an artist, through economic use-value in society. I am a performer, composer, writer, accompanist, teacher, discussion moderator, engraver, and perhaps others … Continue reading

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016 10:40 PM

So. I was just at the rally in downtown Chicago. I went out of a desire to better understand, which is simply put, how and why I end up going to any rally, even ones for causes I walk into … Continue reading

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To remember, to imagine, and to stop believing

EDIT: This text has since been published at Riksha Magazine, under the title “Remember Heritage, Imagine Identity, and Stop Believing.” Here is a link to that piece.

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Axioms redefined

I borrowed popular sayings for the first half of each sentence—the second halves are new thoughts that enrich the preceding dictum that we often take for granted. It takes money to make money—but it also takes no money to not … Continue reading

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Eleven Months – Violence

When I was younger, I remember writing in my journal, that I would not like to participate in any organized sports henceforth. The reason was that sports mimicked war, and as a pacifist, I could no longer support such an … Continue reading

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