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nothing multiplies

one time’s enough because after two the same rehearses. two times not-enough equals more after that than rehearsed before. (minus) three times grows further, still multiplies to more than one. six times is nothing more than for.

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Poem #990

Un poème en something. One time une FOI Faithfull to Nothing more Qu’une pensée Sinon Si non . mais… si!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more time Faithfulness has Its flaws Loveliness And faithfulness One more One more time.

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Three Poems from February

#1 Lovely insights into broken plays Grey and yellowed with bright something caffeine hits and you sleep spin harder unspeakable yet. #2 Lovely homes move to and fro completely another home back again pleasures are due. #3 lovely glance turns … Continue reading

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Transition By Season

Transition By Season is an abstract catalogue of the music I’ve performed in a recently completed season.  It allows me the opportunity to reflect upon my musicking with open yet categorical coverage.  Here is the transition that is my 2014-15 … Continue reading

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