Surrealism is a multifaceted and rich word.  Time changes words and the meanings of them, and the use of these two here as the show’s title is moving towards new meaning yet again, to something different than its inauguration nearly 100 years ago on another continent.

Can as a verb is about ability, capability, possibility. It is arguably the most liberating verb in our language.  Both meanings are meant here – the nothingness of its objective manifestation onstage, and the liberation of performative action, unrestricted by time and place.

Surrealism as an art movement, has been canned. That is, stored and conserved, but also colloquially speaking, ended abruptly. My performance, and its title, attempts to work from this premise.

…And at the same time, the title is a product of my dreaming subconscience…

Thank you so much for your thoughtful words on my work, Brian Schuth at the Boston Musical Intelligencer.

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